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Collect Your Fighters and Save the World at Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends, a fighting game and RPG, is available on mobile devices with Android and iOS. To fight PVPs, you have to summon your fighters and fight another player in real time. The fighting action is fast paced and fun to play. Also, one of the great things about the game is its ease of play.

What are the character power rankings in Dragon Ball Legends?

In Dragon Ball Legends, fighters are classified into tiers and these tiers correspond to a certain power level. Tier lists are great for people who are truly into the game and want to maximize their success in each battle. Though, you should look out where you get the tier lists because there are a lot of lists made by fans only and of course the content would differ. One thing is clear, however, and that is that these two characters are at the top of EVERY list: SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth Gohan Red and SP Super Saiyan God Vegito Blue.

What do elements mean in Dragon Ball Legends?

Fighting battles does not just involve clicking of random buttons, there is a strategy behind every movement. Each character can also be identified by their colors. The colors are red, yellow, purple, green and blue. The colors signify a specific element and these elements are weaker or stronger against other elements. Also, there are two special elements that is white and black or light and dark.

What do I need to do to summon fighters in Dragon Ball Legends?

An essential component of the game is summoning fighters and creating your very own team. Your summons can dictate the flow of your game. Since some warriors are understandably more powerful than others, not every character is available outright. To summon a fighter, you would need a chrono crystal which is the game’s premium currency.

How do I get chrono crystals?

There are various ways of getting chrono crystals, including login bonuses, bugs and maintenance rewards, mission completion, first time chapter completion, challenge completion, campaign completion before deadline, pre-registration reward, and playing ranked matches. As with , which Dragon Ball Legends is, you can also buy chrono crystals using actual money.

How do I win Player versus Player matches in Dragon Ball Legends?

Although playing against fellow players in Dragon Ball Legends might seem easy because you only use one hand, but it does involve some real strategizing. How the fight will turn out depends on how you move your characters and how you plan your way. Fighting involves using your ki wisely and also being mindful of your movements like dodges.

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