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All The Good Stuff in Garena Free Fire’s Newest OB25 Patch

If you might have noticed, Garena Free Fire PC is yet again sporting another additional name because of its newest OB25 patch which is also called “Operation Chrono”. Like all Garena Free Fire updates, this patch has something fun in store for everyone. Apart from the usual rebalancing, bugs fixing; there is also a special reward and a super exciting collaboration between the game and a famous figure in sports.

The first thing that players should know about OB25 is that the setting has become futuristic dystopian in theme and Operation Chrono takes place in an urban slum area with advanced technology. This new update almost seems like an emulation of the much-awaited and newly released futuristic dystopian game Cyberpunk 2077. So, without much ado, here are the new and exciting updates of the OB25 – Operation Chrono patch. If Garena Free Fire PC is already in your list of ‘must-try games’, then download it on Games.LOL.

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In the newest season of Clash Squad, players that are able to reach Gold III will be awarded with the Golden P90. The Golden P90 is basically a glittery P90. Its aesthetics consist of a gold layout, black flames in the underside, and an embossed skull icon. Apart from the prized weapon, Clash Squad Season 4 was also enhanced in the matchmaking aspect. Basically, pre-made teams will only be matched against pre-made teams.

• New Weapon

The newest weapon in Garena Free Fire will also be the first ever weapon of its category which probably means more of the same type of weapon will be released soon enough! The Vector Akimbo is a short range submachine gun with a damage of 22, 30 magazines, and a 0.08 rate of fire. Akimbo weapons in Garena Free Fire are dual-handed weapons. This gives a significant boost when it comes to close and mid-ranged fights.

free fire download Updates

For those who have been calling for a Fire Pass update, your lucky day is now! A new user interface has been given to players with a Fire Pass; specifically, giving them a better view of their progress during missions. Also, instead of veteran and elite missions, weekly missions will be the new thing of norm.

• New Collaboration

By far the most update in this patch is the partnership between Garena Free Fire and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the star of this patch and his character is called Chrono. Ronaldo, or Chrono, is a playable character for this patch.

Collect Your Fighters and Save the World at Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends, a fighting game and RPG, is available on mobile devices with Android and iOS. To fight PVPs, you have to summon your fighters and fight another player in real time. The fighting action is fast paced and fun to play. Also, one of the great things about the game is its ease of play.

What are the character power rankings in Dragon Ball Legends?

In Dragon Ball Legends, fighters are classified into tiers and these tiers correspond to a certain power level. Tier lists are great for people who are truly into the game and want to maximize their success in each battle. Though, you should look out where you get the tier lists because there are a lot of lists made by fans only and of course the content would differ. One thing is clear, however, and that is that these two characters are at the top of EVERY list: SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth Gohan Red and SP Super Saiyan God Vegito Blue.

What do elements mean in Dragon Ball Legends?

Fighting battles does not just involve clicking of random buttons, there is a strategy behind every movement. Each character can also be identified by their colors. The colors are red, yellow, purple, green and blue. The colors signify a specific element and these elements are weaker or stronger against other elements. Also, there are two special elements that is white and black or light and dark.

What do I need to do to summon fighters in Dragon Ball Legends?

An essential component of the game is summoning fighters and creating your very own team. Your summons can dictate the flow of your game. Since some warriors are understandably more powerful than others, not every character is available outright. To summon a fighter, you would need a chrono crystal which is the game’s premium currency.

How do I get chrono crystals?

There are various ways of getting chrono crystals, including login bonuses, bugs and maintenance rewards, mission completion, first time chapter completion, challenge completion, campaign completion before deadline, pre-registration reward, and playing ranked matches. As with , which Dragon Ball Legends is, you can also buy chrono crystals using actual money.

How do I win Player versus Player matches in Dragon Ball Legends?

Although playing against fellow players in Dragon Ball Legends might seem easy because you only use one hand, but it does involve some real strategizing. How the fight will turn out depends on how you move your characters and how you plan your way. Fighting involves using your ki wisely and also being mindful of your movements like dodges.

Hold Your Ground in Vikings: War of Clans

Plarium, the developers of big mobile hit Raid: Shadow Legends, is also the home of older and equally impressive massively multiplayer online role playing games. Vikings: War of Clans is fairly similar to classic games like Command and Conquer where players have their own bases and build their very own kingdoms. Also, the final goal in Vikings: War of Clans is to occupy places of power in their respective kingdoms.

What is the speediest means of levelling up in Vikings: War of Clans?

For players, the greater the level, the better their towns and buildings will be. Please do remember that that individual levels are different from town levels. There are numerous ways to level up quickly but the basics are finishing tasks frequently and swiftly, returning at invaders, harvesting troops, being part of a trustworthy clan, and partaking in game events.

Are there any Viking leaders in Vikings: War of Clans?

A Jarl is the chief or head of a Viking clan. A relatively new addition in the game also included the ability of Jarls to become king of the land. Just go the Jarl’s Profile to look at more information on certain Jarls.

Is there a way to relocate from kingdom to kingdom in Vikings: War of Clans?

Great Relocation is the special item needed by players to go to different kingdoms. In addition to the Great Relocation item, there is also a Return item. There are many catches though. One, these items are only able to be used by Jarls who are also clan members. Another catch is that these items are only usable when a global competition is taking place. Third, Jarls can only relocate to an enemy kingdom from their home.

How do I turn into a king in Vikings: War of Clans?

Being a king is a new competition that has been implemented in the game. Jotunheim Competitions is the exact name of this tournament and it goes on for two days until someone is able to get the Throne of Jotunheim. Players who become successful in holding the throne more than other Jarls will ultimately become the King of Jotunheim and this, of course, includes certain awards and privileges.

Is Vikings: War of Clans designed for PC play?

In 2015, Vikings: War of Clans was basically releaed on mobile only. Naturally, because of the eventual popularity of the game, the developer had to make Vikings: War of Clans available on many gaming platforms. Most likely the best platform to try out the game is Games.LOL where mobile games are optimized for PC play. have to do is to install the “Vikings War of Clans - New Tab Extension” , press the “Play for free” button on the website that will open if you click the Chrome extension.

Being a strategy game, there is so much to do in Vikings: War of Clans. In comparison to some currently popular strategy games, the graphics here is also superb. The graphics in Vikings: War of Clans is also undeniably crisp and clear, unlike some of its counterparts. All in all, Vikings: War of Clans is a game that should be a top choice for any player. So, if you are in for a gaming life of strategy and adventure, then you should definitely check out Vikings: War of Clans!

Best Battle Arena at Vainglory

In the past few months, there were a number of news about Vainglory which were both worrying and reassuring. Regardless of what they are, Vainglory has remained as a steadfast game with solid fans all over the globe. Moreover, its game play has continued to be consistently good despite everything. It is just one of those things that will always be worth considering.

Is Vainglory dying?
In 2019, Vainglory’s original creators Super Evil Megacorp made an agreement with leading game developer Rogue Games to become the publisher of record of Vainglory. Because of the current issues of the world and maintenance costs, Rogue Games announced in April 2020 that it will close all servers outside of China. Fortunately, Super Evil Megacorp returned to manage the game with the pledge that Vainglory will remain strong. Currently, Rogue Games is officially no longer a part of the game. This problem is probably the biggest one of the game to date but it has proven strong.

What is rank in Vainglory?
Much like most competitive games, there are two game modes in Vainglory which is normal and ranked. The difference between normal and ranked games are their intensity and also the fact that ranked games, as its name suggests, ‘rank’ you. Players in ranked are matched with players of similar skills. Rank points can go up and down depending on your performance in matches and, of course, your wins. Ranks are categorized in 10 tiers with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. Bronze, silver, and gold are the sub-categories of tier 1 to 10. The game bases your tier through a number system.

Is Vainglory available on PC?
Vainglory is a game that was originally released for mobile play. It was first released in iOS and then in Android a few months later. Two years ago, as promised by its maker Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory became a full cross platform game when it was made available on PC. Vainglory chrome extension where Vainglory could be played is on Games.LOL, an application that has fully optimized mobile games for PC. What truly sets it apart, however, is that Games.LOL offers free playing!

Is there a Vainglory Community Edition?
Even when Super Evil Megacorp took over the game again, the community was of course restless. Because Vainglory cannot exist without its community, the creator decided to collaborate with them. This move’s ultimate purpose is to make Vainglory an independent and community driven game. This vision of sustainability is what will hopefully happen in the years to come.

Is ‘Vainglory’ a real word?
Vainglory means ‘pride in one’s achievement’ or show of pride. It is an appropriate word for the game with hundreds of thousands of highly competitive players.